This past week I had a conversation with a group of service providers who argued that it is possible to be both needs focused and asset focused at the same time.  I personally have never been able to balance those two perspectives.  In my experience, meeting needs, which often present as urgent always seem to consume our time.  The developoment of the assets of those we encounter in our communities seems to get put off to some point in the future “when things calm down.”  This video was shot during a recent training I did in Cleveland Ohio in partnership with Building Hope in the Cities and in this clip I share my own experience with this needs verses assets struggle.


I developed “Mission Shift” training specifically to help other ministries who are seeking to go beyond the immediate needs and build lasting relationships with those they seek to serve.  If you are in the Metro Richmond area, you can learn more here.  If you are outside the Richmond area, you can learn more here.